Earlier we told you that CNN’s upcoming coronavirus town hall will feature noted epidemiology experts such as Greta Thunberg:

And with that, the Left’s attempts to get the COVID-19 outbreak to flow directly into a “climate change” issue begins, and Thunberg will no doubt give Canadian PM Justic Trudeau’s new plan a big thumbs-up:

It’s almost like this is turning into something that isn’t about a virus at all:

According to the Prime Minister’s Office, companies must “commit to publish” information about their businesses that relates to climate change every year. This includes “how their future operations will support environmental sustainability and national climate goals.”

Asked to explain the climate conditions Tuesday, Trudeau said the government expects all large companies that want federal loans — including those in the fossil fuel sector — to show they are “thinking about the challenges that climate change will pose to their company and … to their future, and have a response for it.”

Always be closing!

That might have something to do with it.

Not when they’ve got a narrative to reignite.

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