As Twitchy told you Monday, CBS News reporter Weijia Jiang did her best (with help from the rest of the MSM) to turn President Trump’s response to her question into a racist attack.

If you missed it, here’s how it unfolded:

Greg Gutfeld translated the media/Dem attempt to generate a “racism” narrative this way:

CNN’s media hall monitor Brian Stelter followed that up like so:

LOL! “Journalism” y’all!

Gutfeld responded…

Yep. CNN is a clown show and they don’t seem to realize it.

That CNN will get the vapors tomorrow over something Trump-related is as guaranteed as the sun rising in the east.

If it’s not stupidity, then it’s an act. Neither choice is a good look for a self-described “journalist.”

Also, amid the media’s constant attempts to turn Trump’s battles against reporters into “racism” issues, never forget who fancies himself to be the president’s archnemesis: