If you were busy living your life and trying to make ends meet or just otherwise engaged in far more important things, you might not have noticed on Wednesday that Al Gore endorsed Joe Biden for president:

The Biden campaign appreciated it so much that they had a virtual town hall with the former senator, presidential candidate and lifelong eco-hypocrite:

During the virtual town hall, Joe and Al ripped a page from AOC’s playbook and saw some advantages to a pandemic that has left millions without jobs:

“Never let a crisis go to waste!”

But wait, there’s more:

Gas is so cheap they probably have no other choice but to make the internal combustion engine illegal to force people to buy super-expensive “green” vehicles. But don’t ever question their commitment to free-market principals! *Eye roll*

At some point the Biden camp is going to realize that having Joe act in the role of an interviewer just isn’t working. Here’s the latest example why:

Yikes! Early congratulations to Trump on his 2020 election win.

They’ve really got their fingers on the pulse of what people are concerned about.

If only the power of Gore’s eyebrow raise could be harnessed to generate some clean energy.

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