The examples of the media rushing to spin on behalf of China or to just automatically believe claims that regime has made in regards to the coronavirus in order to report that the U.S. leads the world in infections are almost countless.

Will the media spin cease now that even Democrat Rep. Adam Schiff said he doesn’t believe the numbers reported by China? The comments came as Schiff was outlining hearings that will no doubt be more tired “impeachment”-focused proceedings:

We’re guessing many reporters and anchors aren’t self-aware enough to realize that what Schiff said would mean their previous breathless reports about the U.S. surpassing China in the number of cases are completely bogus.

Shorter MSNBC: What the media’s been reporting isn’t true but we’re going to pretend not to recognize that.

Better late than never?

And yet they just keep pushing the fake news over and over again.