Earlier this week former Bill Clinton spokesperson Joe Lockhart got fed up with Dr. Deborah Birx (or “Brix” as he insists on spelling it) for not sticking to the preferred narrative about the coronavirus, and he tweeted this:

“We need to listen to the doctors” has obviously taken a holiday. And if you need more proof Dems and the media are on the same page more often than not, the New York Times has, in a report about Dr. Birx, taken the Lockhart approach and is running with it:

Are they saying “some fear” Trump has brainwashed Dr. Birx? Because that’s what it sounds like. The Dems will really appreciate this particular water carrying effort.

Yes, the media might also be triggered because their approval rating is well below that of Trump and his handling of this particular crisis.

Not that reality and the truth matters anymore.

The mainstream media has ZERO idea how much their constant shilling for the Left has backfired.