We just noticed that CNN’s Joe Lockhart keeps spelling Dr. Deborah Birx’s name incorrectly in his recent rantings at the infectious diseases expert.

By our count, he’s spelled it as “Dr. Brix” nine times but has yet to spell her name correctly even once:

Now, here are the 9 times he’s spelled her name as “Dr. Brix”:

1. “Deal with the devil”:

2. “Stepford Doc”:

3. Sharing the debunked letter from the Detroit hospital:

4. She’s just “guessing”:

5. “Purely a PR plan”:

6. He at least wasn’t criticizing her here:

7. “But she’s leaving the impression Trump might be right”:

8. Get that snark in:

9. We have no idea what exactly he’s talking about here. But. . .

. . .we assume he’s talking about the story where the U.S. rejected the WHO COVID-19 test which was found to be BS:

Out of 9 tweets, in only 1 did he not attack Dr. Birx, so please spare us this new act of his that he’s all of a sudden given up on her.


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