As we told you earlier, there are rallies at the Supreme Court revolving around the June Medical Services v. Russo case. Among members of Congress on hand was Sen. Chuck Schumer, who told the crowd that justices Kavanaugh and Gorsuch will “pay the price” if they don’t rule the way Democrats want. Schumer didn’t describe exactly what price the SCOTUS justices would reportedly pay, and we don’t expect the media to be in any rush to get him to elaborate.

Democrat Rep. Ilhan Omar has also weighed in with three tweets:

Many took issue with Omar’s definition of “health care,” not to mention with her claim that abortion is a “constitutional right”:

The Democrats are still getting some mileage from their talking points that were most recently used in an attempt to derail the Kavanaugh nomination:

Self-awareness isn’t a strong trait for Rep. Omar.

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