Joe Biden has been among Democrats accusing the Trump administration of detaining kids in cages at the border, with other Democrats calling them “concentration camps”:

Earlier this month, an ad for Michael Bloomberg featured a photo of illegal immigrants in cages at the border that was intended as a slam on President Trump. However, guess what wasn’t mentioned: The photo was taken in 2014 when Obama was president.

The mainstream media has been tremendously incurious about what was going on at the border prior to Trump taking office, but in an interview with Joe Biden, reporter Jorge Ramos committed an act of actual journalism and confronted the Democrat candidate for president about what happened when he was VP. Here’s Joe’s spin:

Hey, that certainly seems like a newsworthy issue that deserves much more exposure!

Anybody in the mainstream media care to pick up the story and run with it? We won’t hold our breath.

According to the narrative the Left has set since Trump took office, that would make Obama/Biden…

Hey, those are the new rules!