At today’s impeachment trial, House manager Adam Schiff pulled his “parody” routine again in regards to the transcript of President Trump’s phone call with the president of Ukraine, but he also made a claim about the whistleblower that’s enough to make your eyes roll out of your head:

Yeah, is anybody buying what Schiff’s selling? As Trump’s defense pointed out, Schiff certainly isn’t forthcoming in being transparent about his office’s contacts with the whistleblower:

And that’s just the way Schiff would like to keep it. But we do already know Schiff’s relationship with the truth is tenuous at best:

He’s not called “Shifty Schiff” for nothing:

It’s no wonder Schiff wouldn’t want to go under oath as an impeachment trial witness to help fill in some of the missing picture about how it all got started:

In other words, the California congressman remains totally full of Schiff.