When it comes to claims about what Joe Biden was caught on camera bragging about in 2015 in regards to getting a Ukrainian prosecutor fired, the Democrat talking point word of the week is “debunked.” The Biden campaign has even taken it upon themselves to send a memo to media outlets telling reporters and editors what is and isn’t acceptable when it comes to covering the story. Glenn Beck is among those who have a copy:

The Biden campaign letter Beck reads here is a true piece of work. Watch for yourself and then decide what would be a more suitable replacement for the word “work” in the previous sentence:

Team Joe basically tried to order the media how to report the story, and then followed that up by reminding the press that they’re not beholden to any politician or campaign? That’s GOLD.

By the way, we won’t be surprised when a majority of the MSM fully complies with Biden’s orders.

And that’s good enough for some of the nation’s brave media firefighters.