Democrat House manager for President Trump’s impeachment trial in the Senate, Rep. Sylvia Garcia, has been offering a defense of the Bidens by basically saying what happened with the then VP was in accordance with “U.S. policy,” and what happened under Trump was “against U.S. policy.” First things first:

The real problem Dems have, it seems, is that Trump wasn’t acting in accordance with Obama-era policy. Phil Kerpen saw Garcia’s defense of Biden only making things worse for Joe and Hunter:

Garcia also said Trump was acting on a “made-up theory”:


In general, Garcia accusing Republicans of “making up” things is rich coming from the party that has spent three years pushing bogus narratives and then moving the goalposts when each falls apart:

Possibly one of the biggest ongoing self-awareness fails is the Dems claiming Russia’s intent is to sow doubt about US election outcomes, all while trying to cast doubt on the 2016 outcome and already proclaiming the upcoming election as invalid if Trump is on the ballot.