As we told you yesterday, there were many blue check politicians and reporters attempting to fact check the following tweet from principal Deputy Press Secretary Hogan Gidley:

CNN’s Jake Tapper was among journos who went into immediate fact-check mode:

It might have been best to leave Gidley’s claim about Gaddafi alone, but journalism in the Trump era doesn’t allow that.

That’s good advice because when Barack was the U.S. president after Gaddafi was killed, Tapper quoted an Obama staffer saying this:

Wait, no reminder that “Gaddafi wasn’t killed by the U.S.” back then? Shocker.

In 2011, CNN reported it as follows:

Wow, the media spin changed direction fast!

“What happened” indeed!

So it’s come to this:

“Journalism” in 2020 is going to be even more facepalm-inducing than it was in the previous three years.

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