Principal Deputy Press Secretary Hogan Gidley is getting dunked on (well, THEY think they’re dunking on him) by just about every blue-check out there over this tweet where he said President Obama killed former Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi:

For example, Sen. Chris Murphy:

And the Washington Post’s Josh Dawsey:

And CNN’s Susan Hennessey:

And on and on and on.

OK, President Obama didn’t “literally” kill Gaddafi, as in run up behind him and shoot him in the head. But how come all these blue-checks are leaving out the Predator strike on his convoy that “literally” led to his capture and execution by the rebels?

The drone strike was launched from Las Vegas, as Joy Reid helpfully pointed out at the time:

This isn’t even up for debate:

Give Obama a statue in Libya for it even!

From the New York Times back in 2011:

We also had troops on the ground looking for him. From The Telegraph:

MI6 agents and CIA officers on the ground were also providing intelligence and it is believed that Gaddafi was given a code name in the same way that US forces used the name Geronimo during the operation to kill Osama bin Laden.

Since the fall of Tripoli in August, intelligence services have been searching for Gaddafi across Libya and beyond using agents, special forces and eavesdropping equipment.

US and British special forces had trawled through Gaddafi’s former desert stronghold around Sirte and the south of Libya without finding him.

How can everyone have just forgotten this?

And, don’t forget, Hillary Clinton “literally” cheering his death when she found out:


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