As we told you earlier, the memo has obviously gone out to the media and liberal pundits, and the word that’s being used is “crossfire” when it comes to spinning the story of the passenger airliner Iran downed near Tehran. Democrat presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg even insinuated that the blame lies with Trump and the U.S.:

Most Democrat narratives end up getting shattered at some point, and this one’s coming rather quickly:

The Free Beacon reports:

Just hours before a Ukrainian plane was shot down Wednesday over Iran, the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration issued a no-fly order over Iran and Iraq, potentially saving scores of American lives.

A Notice to Airmen (NOTAM) warning of potential hazards along flight routes in the war-torn region was first issued Tuesday evening by the FAA, just before a Ukrainian plane crashed near Tehran. U.S. officials believe Iran may have mistakenly shot down the plane in its airspace as tensions with the United States hit new levels.

“Our NOTAMs were published roughly three hours before the accident,” an FAA spokesman confirmed to the Washington Free Beacon Thursday.

Full story here.

And yet, many on the Left continue to try and blame Trump:

Go figure.

And even more mind-boggling that the Left would then try to shift the blame.

We’re sure the Left will adjust the spin accordingly.