As we told you Thursday night, there are reports that the leader of Iran’s Quds Force, Qassim Soleimani, has been killed in an airstrike near Baghdad:

But of course, any story during the Trump presidency brings with it the inevitable anti-Trump spin. The Washington Post has called Soleimani a “revered military leader,” and a journalist based in Beirut has said the shock value of Soleimani’s reported death is the equivalent of “taking out Lincoln, Washington and Captain America all in one.”

Next up, we’re going to hear from members of Congress. Here’s Democrat Sen. Chris Murphy (we’ll show you what he said a couple days ago shortly):

His tweet should have ended after the first couple of short sentences, but since this is 2020 and Trump is still president, that wasn’t about to happen:

Well, Murphy’s got to play the game.

Also, Murphy has been caught speaking out of both sides of his mouth, not that it’s a surprise. How’s this for a shot & chaser:

Yep, here’s what Murphy tweeted earlier in the week:

And a couple days later:

That might be the most shameless one-eighty in recent memory.

It really is.