Late this summer, former FBI agent Peter Strzok filed a lawsuit accusing the FBI and DOJ of political bias when they fired him. Strzok’s legal team has now added to their list of accusations:

More from The Hill:

Strzok and his legal team made the claims in a court document filed Monday that pushes back on the Department of Justice’s (DOJ) motion to dismiss the lawsuit he filed in August over his ouster a year earlier.

DOJ alleged in its motion to dismiss that Strzok’s role in high-profile investigations meant he was held to a higher standard when it came to speech. But Strzok’s legal team disputed this in Monday’s filing, saying that the approximately 8,000 other employees in similar positions retain their privacy even when using government-issued devices.

These people (Strzok, Page, Comey, etc.) sure have chutzpah:

Earlier this month the IG report was released, and it showed numerous examples of wrongdoing, abuses of power and flat-out lying in order to get FISA court permission to surveil Carter Page.



‘It’s like they’re trying to get out in FRONT of something’: Timing around McCabe and Strzok’s lawsuits against govt. very telling