Over the weekend, the Washington Examiner’s Byron York blew some Democrat impeachment talking points out of the water, and he’s back to do it some more.

First off, here’s a quote from former DNC chair Donna Brazile (on Fox News Sunday), who claims this is what happened after the House impeached Bill Clinton in 1998:

Donna Brazile, former DNC interim chair: Maybe I’m showing my age now, Ben, but I remember after the Clinton impeachment in 1999 was a Hill staffer back then, he was impeached on the 19th and the mangers and everyone went to the Senate on January 6th.

Byron York has dropped a ton of reality on yet another Democrat talking point:

In 1998 the House sent the articles to the Senate the same day? Will the media care to point that out the next time a Democrats pushes that narrative, or nah?

No it isn’t.

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