The House adjourned for the year recently and the Democrats continue to sit on the articles of impeachment they passed and are in no rush to send the process over to the Senate. First off, the Washington Examiner’s Byron York wondered what happened to all that “urgency” to deal with President Trump:

What do Republicans do now? If recent polls are accurate, maybe the answer to that question is “nothing,” because this circus is becoming less popular by the day.

Recently Chuck Schumer cited impeachment precedent and accused Republicans of not sticking to it. However, so far it appears it’s the Democrats who aren’t following any sort of precedent:

So what’s going on here?

Another Dem claim bites the dust:

The Democrats need to pick a reality and stick with it, though they obviously have no intention of doing that. Meanwhile, York sees a backfire in progress:

It also appears to be uniting public support behind Trump, not that the Dems or CNN (pardon the redundancy) are able to figure that out:

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