After IG Michael Horowitz released his report about the FBI’s Russia investigation, former director James Comey immediately claimed vindication. As it turns out, Comey either didn’t actually read the report or just decided “denial” was the best approach, and more information is still being gleaned from the report.

At the time, Comey claimed that any FBI “mistakes” described in the report were made by “good people trying to protect America.” That’s already been shown to be total BS, and CBS News reporter Catherine Herridge is continuing to dig into the report. Here are some of her latest tweets. Let’s just say they don’t further vindicate Comey (or anybody else who was involved during the Obama administration):

We’re expecting to hear the answer “I don’t specifically recall” from former FBI leadership a lot more in the near future.

Herridge continued:

Here’s a detail from the IG report that Comey may someday have to explain further:

Does Comey really wonder why Trump fired him?

Remember about a year ago when Comey claimed that allegations of FISA abuse were “nonsense”? Good times.



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