The IG report is out, and former FBI Director James Comey has some thoughts. He kindly put them into an op-ed for the Washington Post:

Comey’s piece actually acknowledges that the report found some “things the FBI should have done differently, or better”:

The Russia investigation was complicated — not surprisingly, the inspector general found mistakes, 17 of them, things the FBI should have done differently, or better. That’s always unfortunate, but human beings make mistakes. Inspector-general reports are valuable because they offer the chance to learn. Horowitz also concluded that a low-level FBI lawyer doctored an email as part of the administrative process leading to the renewal of the application for electronic surveillance of the former campaign adviser. Although it is not clear what difference that made, it is still potentially serious wrongdoing and does not reflect the FBI culture of compliance and candor.

But apparently that was just good people trying to protect America. You can trust him, he’s James Comey!

James Comey’s opinion is good enough for James Comey, and dammit, it should be good enough for you.