We told you Friday afternoon that a West Point investigation concluded that cadets at the Army-Navy game were not flashing a “white power” symbol, but were instead playing the “circle game” (which was obvious to anybody who didn’t want to help make #WhitePower trend on Twitter unlike many in the media and others helped the false rumor spread like wildfire).

The list of blue checks in the media who should have waited much longer before getting out their Jump to Conclusions Mats included a Baltimore Sun columnist:

Then, after the West Point investigation found that it was just a game that was being played in the stands, an approach was taken that’s not uncommon in the Trump era:

Well, there it is!

TDS dictates that be the logical next step.

Naturally, the “block” button is coming in handy:

The tweet blaming Trump could be approaching a ratio record:

This is impressive:


Other apologies sound a little more apologetic: