After James O’Keefe and Project Veritas released their latest video showing an ABC News anchor saying that her network spiked a Jeffrey Epstein story three years ago, explaining why they “quashed the story.” After that video was released, waiting for CNN’s “media correspondent” Brian Stelter to even mention the story became a running gag of sorts. But the wait is now over, because Stelter mentioned the video in his newsletter. You might want to take a couple of Dramamine before subjecting yourself to all this spin:

That sounds a lot like “conservatives pounce, media victimized” to us!

We expected nothing less.


He’s nothing if not totally predictable. Perhaps Stelter will have Dan Rather on “Reliable Sources” soon to discuss all this.

Self-awareness is impossible for some.



Right Wing Watch ‘investigative reporter’ thinks James O’Keefe’s #EpsteinCoverup bombshell is ‘hardly a scoop or breaking news’