It’s a good thing for one family in Florida that Beto O’Rourke’s dream of confiscating every AR-15 in America didn’t come to fruition, or this story might have ended tragically:

From Twitchy’s sister site Bearing Arms:

A Florida family is alive today, thanks to a woman who saved her husband and daughter from a pair of violent home invaders with the help of her legally-owned AR-15.

The woman’s husband suffered severe injuries to his head, including a fractured eye socket and sinus cavity, after a pair of masked strangers burst into the family’s home in Lithia, Florida last week. Jeremy King says both were armed, and not only did they brutally assault him while demanding money, they grabbed the couple’s 11-year old daughter as well.

As a result of the woman using the AR-15 to defend her family, one suspect was dead and the other fled the scene. Also, you might have guessed there were some hot takes in response, and Dana Loesch spotted one in particular that’s since been deleted:

Here’s what the reply was:

And with that, Loesch had seen “peak woke 2019”:

Simply amazing, isn’t it?

You can’t make this stuff up.