As we told you earlier, a black female student at a school where Karen Pence teaches who accused three white male students of assaulting her and cutting her hair recanted the story and is now saying she lied. However, her original claim had many in the media doing what they do best: Running with a story without fully checking it out because it fit a desired narrative. Here’s a video montage via Grabien Media founder Tom Elliott showing the initial MSM feeding frenzy:

Another banner moment for “journalism”:

And yet they still wonder why there’s such a high level of distrust of the media?

And as a comparison:




‘Quick, pivot’! Charles C.W. Cooke and others predict MSM’s updated spin after student recants assault story at Karen Pence’s school

When can we expect an apology from Rashida Tlaib for her tweet about girl who lied about being assaulted at Karen Pence’s school?

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