As Twitchy told you earlier, a black female student at a school where Karen Pence teaches who said she was assaulted by three white male students who forcibly cut her hair has recanted the story and now says it was all a lie:

The family of the student has apologized:

But as you know, that didn’t happen before the New York Times and many other media outlets ran with the story, and they sure made it known that it allegedly happened at a school where Karen Pence teaches.

So what’s next for the media? Will they have a full mea culpa and pledge to wait until all the facts are in the next time before churning out stories that fit a particular narrative? More than likely some will simply find an updated spin. Charles C.W. Cooke predicted one such possibility:

That would not be unexpected, and neither would these:

Let’s just say we would not be surprised by that one bit.