The Washington Post is under a severe heat warning right now after all the hot takes. First off was the reminder that “Trump’s racist tweets were written in the White House, which slaves helped build.” Next up, a call for Barack Obama to come to the rescue of the anti-Trump Resistance:

While the Left has Obama’s attention, maybe they can ask him what’s up with the pictures of people enduring “inhumane treatment at the border” that were in fact taken during his administration.

But we digress, because ex-MSNBC host Touré, Share Blue writer Oliver Willis and others say it’s NOT Obama’s responsibility, and so do others:


But upon reflection, maybe those arguing against putting all their hopes in Obama to come out and rescue them from Trump are on the right track but don’t realize the reasons:

Quite the quandary for the Left. Lucky for them they have the full loyalty of the mainstream media.



Touré proves there’s a lefty bubble by denying that it exists; It’s conservatives who are separated from reality