As we told you earlier this week, the Secret Service detained a woman for spitting on Eric Trump at a Chicago cocktail lounge. Trump refused to press charges.

Right on cue, the Washington Post is running an op-ed written by the restaurant owner who kicked out Sarah Sanders last year, and she says that treating certain people badly for the offense of having differing political views and appearing in public is the way it’s going to be now:

The “rules have shifted” at restaurants because there’s a president in office the Left hates? Yep:

The restaurant owner, Stephanie Wilkinson, sounds like she harbors plenty of “hate” herself — projection big time.

So it’s all come to this.

A reminder that the Red Hen owner’s awful treatment of Sarah Sanders wasn’t just confined to inside her own restaurant:

Wilkinson wrote that “no one in the industry condones the physical assault of a patron,” but apparently incessant yelling, badgering or kicking them out is perfectly acceptable when it comes to Trump, his family, or anybody else they deem “hateful.”