Many Democrats have presented idea after idea about things that should be “free,” but unfortunately for them one of those freebies isn’t the political process. It sounds like the DNC might be expecting to melt more credit cards at some point:

Here’s an alternate headline:

Bingo! Meanwhile…

More from The Hill:

The DNC has struggled to raise money in recent years, and it is routinely lapped by its Republican counterpart. Through the end of April, the DNC reported having raised almost $19 million this year, less than half the $45.6 million in contributions the Republican National Committee (RNC) has received.

Good luck to the DNC:

They’re nothing if not consistent. But here’s something the DNC could try:


Maybe Rep. Marcia Fudge’s approach of doubling down on Hillary Clinton’s “deplorables” approach will bring more people on board the Democrat train. *Eye roll*