It’s official: Former FBI Director James Comey wasn’t a fan of Bill Barr’s interview in which he explained the need to learn more about the origins of the Russia investigation and if everything was done legally:

Is that so? Guy Benson says no:

Maybe Barr could take a page from Comey when it comes to being serious about “justice”:


Comey’s tweet was diagnosed with a severe case of projection:

Maybe the thought of full transparency about what happened in 2016 has Comey a little concerned.

Adam Schiff seems to be a little on edge as well.

Comey certainly doesn’t go out of his way to make accusations of anti-Trump bias among the intelligence community leadership in 2016 seem hard to believe, that’s for sure.

Comey deleted his original tweet that contained a typo at the end that’s pretty funny, considering his allegation against Barr: