Who’s up for another hot take about what climate change could bring about? And we do mean HOT:

Add this one to the incredibly long list:

Specifically, climate change could alter the proportion of male and female newborns, with more boys born in places where temperatures rise and fewer boys born in places with other environmental changes, such as drought or wildfire caused by global warming.

A recent study in Japan found a link between temperature fluctuations and a lower male-to-female sex ratio at birth, with conceptions of boys especially vulnerable to external stress factors, wrote Dr. Misao Fukuda, lead study author and founder of the M&K Health Institute in Hyogo.

Put another way, climate change might end up being sexist?

Nothing is surprising anymore.

Well, they’d like everybody else to be at least.

Which is the usual words like “could” and “might” appear throughout the article. Oh, and CNN could be digging themselves into a hole with that story:

The horror! Oh, and maybe CNN could look into this next if they’re concerned about the topic:

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has said the world will end in 12 years if things like her “Green New Deal” aren’t implemented, so maybe this is all a moot point.