As you know, the White House has been accused of doctoring video and eliminating words from a transcript of the Trump/Putin press conference in Helsinki last week. MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow was among those pushing the story, and CNN’s Brian Stelter later joined in.

The Washington Post debunked all the Resistance accusations about the omission being nefarious, but that didn’t stop Stelter from doubling down. NBC News correspondent Kasie Hunt has taken it as far as to make this accusation about the White House:

As the Washington Post pointed out, the transcript controversy isn’t what the Resistance is trying to make of it, but were similar alarms sounded in 2016?

We don’t recall the media accusing the Obama White House of acting like the Kremlin after an Iran-related question from James Rosen to Jen Psaki mysteriously disappeared from the video and transcript.