Has anyone in journalism been treated with less respect by the Obama administration than Fox News’ James Rosen? First he was investigated by Eric Holder’s Justice Department, then he learned that his question to Jen Psaki regarding negotiations with Iran mysteriously disappeared from State Department archives in what could only be described as a technological “glitch.”

OK, maybe it wasn’t a glitch. Somebody at State must have ordered the video footage edited. Who, though? After conducting a rushed but exhaustive investigation of itself, the State Department hit a dead end. Case closed.

Not only can’t the State Department figure out who ordered Rosen’s question edited out of the video; the White House is equally stumped by how that technological glitch in the video also affected the written transcript. That bit must have been inaudible — which in any other case would have been indicated in the transcript by the word “inaudible.” Not here, though.

The Free Beacon reports:

“You said yesterday that there was a little crosstalk that made this exchange inaudible,” Rosen began. “The very transcript of yesterday’s briefing is studded with the word ‘inaudible’ where it’s appropriate. Why did the May 9 transcript not contain the word ‘inaudible?'”

“James, I don’t write the transcripts,” Earnest responded before launching into talking points about how the deal prevents Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon.

Let’s have a look:

So, the administration isn’t going to bother fixing its transcript to restore Rosen’s missing question and Psaki’s reply. History will remain as written.


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