As we’ve told you recently, former NBS News anchor Tom Brokaw has been hit with two sexual harassment allegations. In a statement, Brokaw fired back at the Washington Post and Variety, while admitting to a certain level of inappropriate behavior that he says doesn’t rise to the level of anything that should ruin his reputation. Many women in Brokaw’s industry who’ve worked with him have come to his defense in the wake of the allegations:

Remember when Hillary Clinton said all women with accusations should be heard and believed while her fans and many in the liberal media cheered? Yeah, put that on the back burner for a while:

It’s amazing how fast the rules can be suspended when there are wagons that need to be circled.

Others in the media who signed the letter include Stephanie Ruhle and Kelly O’Donnell.

Madeleine Albright unavailable for comment on this one.