The scorching hot takes about the new movie “Chappaquiddick” have set fire to the pages of the New York Times and melted the opinion section of NBC News. The latter is still churning out the “Chappaquiddick” reviews with teases that tend to sound more like they could have been written by Kennedy family publicists. Here’s the latest:

Wait, what?

Is anybody very unclear about why Kennedy didn’t make it across the bridge and then fled the scene?

This particular article is more of a review of Hollywood’s decision to finally make a movie about Kennedy and Chappaquiddick than it is a review of the actual movie:

Forty-nine years after the mysterious car crash in Chappaquiddick, Massachusetts, that left a woman drowned in a pond and nearly sank the political career of Sen. Ted Kennedy, Hollywood is plumbing the murky depths of the scandal for the first time.

Another day, another “Chappaquiddick” hot take.