After the shooting in Parkland, Florida, when it became clear that the Broward County deputy working at the school that day (and other deputies who arrived soon after the shooting began) did not go into the building to engage Nikolas Cruz during his rampage, some on the pro-gun control side tried to use that as proof that “good guy with a gun” is a ridiculous argument.

At today’s #MarchForOurLives in Washington, DC (and most likely elsewhere), very few on the pro-gun control side seem to be protesting all the “good guys with guns” who are helping keep the area secure:

Well what do you know!

The “good guy with a gun isn’t effective” talking point has been suspended for the day.

This could be a fun question to ask the anti-NRA marchers:

We’re not sure the anti-NRA crowd would like the answer to that.

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