During another emotional health care monologue, Jimmy Kimmel tried to blame Republicans and the Trump tax plan for doing away with CHIP:

CHIP “always had bipartisan support. But this year, they let the money for it expire while they work on getting tax cuts for their billionaire and millionaire donors.”

That was even too much democracy dying in darkness for the Washington Post to handle:

Kimmel has been shown to have received talking points from Chuck Schumer, so maybe WaPo should direct this truth bomb to the NY senator as well:

Again, Kimmel’s frame of reference is off. CHIP funding is being negotiated even as Congress is debating a tax plan. Both the House and Senate have signaled they support reauthorization of CHIP. The impasses over funding had led to some uncertainty in a handful of states, but there is no immediate crisis — and the recent stopgap funding bill provides flexibility to keep CHIP programs running in states.

The bottom line: CHIP is completely unrelated to the tax legislation; in fact, it won’t be and was never going to be part of the tax bill. Congress is able to work on several issues at once — and most of the outstanding issues get wrapped up just before important holidays.

However, nobody’s going to hold their breath waiting for an on-air Kimmel correction.

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