As Twitchy reported Wednesday morning, depending on which reports are to be believed, Omarosa Manigault either resigned or was let go from her position at the White House.

White House reporter April Ryan was among journos implying White House Chief of Staff John Kelly got the Secret Service involved in escorting Manigault from the building. “He told the Secret Service to get her out of here” said Ryan, quoting “sources.”

In a different CNN interview, Ryan said said the Secret Service escorted her “off the property.”

The US Secret Service is just the latest entity to sound the “fake news” alarm, at least about the part of the story alleging they had a role in physically removing Omarosa from the grounds:

So you are you gonna believe, the Secret Service or a CNN contributor’s “sources”? YOU make the call!

Without a doubt!

Ryan is now apparently seeking more sources to update what she was told by her original sources, or something:

It’s funny when journalists demand somebody else clarify aspects of their own incorrect reporting.

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