CNN’s Piers Morgan never bothers to wait until all the facts are known before jumping back on the “gun control” bandwagon following horrible crimes such as we saw today at the Washington Navy Yard.

Morgan didn’t go unchallenged:

Another point:

Yes, isn’t it strange that somebody of the mindset to commit first degree murder doesn’t heed the “no guns allowed” signs?

Morgan might not be introspective enough to reconsider any of his positions, given the fact that this shooting (and many others for that matter) took place in an area that has in place precisely the same kinds of regulations that Musket has been calling for: A gun free zone inside of a city with very tight gun laws.

At that point, Morgan asked for more gun laws without citing exactly what would have prevented this tragedy:

Previously, Morgan promoted his fantasy-land statistics:

But Musket was presented with evidence to the contrary that he’ll no doubt choose to completely ignore:

Now here’s a suggestion that might have an impact:


We’ll give actor Adam Baldwin the closing word on Musket Morgan: