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Oktoberfest Organizers Ban Popular Song Because They're Afraid People Might Sing the Wrong Words to it

AP Photo/Matthias Schrader

As we've all been weathering through a seemingly endless news cycle revolving around the evils of the Pine Tree Flag it's nice to be reminded that America isn't the only country that's given to these sorts of wild mania. Over in Germany, who in fairness to them have a history of going to much, much, much more extreme forms of mania than America, the powers that be are also wringing their hands over the possible uses and symbolic meanings of stuff that to the average person would seem silly. In the case of the Germans, it seems that the song 'L'Amour toujours' by Italian DJ/producer Gigi D'Agostino has been cast as a sort of boogieman of the far right... not because of any sins committed by the song itself but because of what bad actors might dare to sing to the tune of the song if it happens to be played. 


As reports:

L'Amour toujours was first released 24 years ago and has maintained lasting popularity in Europe, but we're apparently living in the age where anything touched by anyone who those in power finds distasteful becomes itself tainted like some bizarre form of symbolic leprosy. 

Seems like an excellent use of police resources, that. It really makes you appreciate the freedoms afforded to Americans by the Constitution... if it were up to these nanny-state types having ever flown a Pine Tree Flag would likely be a jailable offense.


Nooooo, but it was banned! Oktoberfest Festival director Clemens Baumgärtner even said 'There is no room for all the right-wing sh** at the Oktoberfest'! Nobody's going to break the rules, right?!

But people could sing the wrong words to it, don't you understand? It's an existential threat!

Yes, it may be catchy, but you can't have it anymore because it attracts the Wrong Sort, and rather than debate them or convince them that they're in the wrong the organizers of Oktoberfest would just prefer that they all go away or go to jail thank you.


There's no way it's a good sign, right?

The governments of many European countries appear to be continuing to fight a read-guard action against a huge swath of their own populations, populations that seem to have become increasingly restful and unhappy about what the experiment of 'multiculturalism' has been doing to their national identities and local cultures. It's certainly an issue that has been grappled with time and time again in America, but America at least was founded on a 'melting pot' mentality that is more traditionally open to the idea that people of other cultures can be eventually folded into the overall American culture. Europe for the most part has no such legacy, but the legacy they do have is one of things going very very wrong when their governments begin to try to force ideological uniformity on their people, and when the people begin to resent the influence of outside groups within their countries.... and when things go wrong in Germany they have a way of going very wrong indeed. Let's hope the pendulum swing, when it comes, doesn't swing too far in the opposite direction this time.


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