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Garbage Media Ran With Left's Marching Orders About Alito's Flag in Record Time

Meme screenshot

These past few days have served as just about the best (and most shameless) examples of how a narrative goes from the DNC drawing board into the mainstream media ecosystem quickly and easily.

For the sake of brevity, I'll focus mostly on Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito's Appeal to Heaven flag that was spotted on display at his vacation home (the other was an upside-down American flag at Alito's main residence that was apparently the result of a spat with a vulgar lefty neighbor). 

As @JerylBier noticed, the Appeal to Heaven flag hasn't been an issue until the Democrats and their media lackeys decided it should be. It wasn't even mentioned in the NY Times' "visual investigation" of January 6th published over three years ago:

But ever since Alito's flags were made public, the Dems decided they could force a fake narrative to delegitimize the court that now has too many conservative members for the Left's liking, all because Hillary Clinton was a terrible candidate who never went to Wisconsin. That is now, of course, a "threat to democracy."


One of the biggest dirtbags in Congress (and that's a high bar to clear) is Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse, who hadn't made a peep previously about the pine tree flag, but now that's one of the "MAGA battle flags":

Then that angle took off like wildfire in the media. MSNBC's Chris Hayes supported the Left's effort to delegitimize the Supreme Court while ironically saying Alito's the one who threatens "American constitutional order":

Wikipedia looks like the DNC did some recent editing: 

The MSM is also in on the act.

The Associated Press might be the worst of the bunch (as usual):

"Banner of the far right"? Really?

Dems and the media didn't say a word when that was happening. As the saying goes, no matter how much you think you hate the media, it isn't enough.

The San Francisco Chronicle says the pine tree flag is "now linked with the Christian right":

It's "now linked," reports the media that's helping do the linking. Amazing how this hackery works.

By the way, this won't stop at the Appeal to Heaven flag. You know what else was also seen on January 6th at the Capitol? The American flag! That will be the next to be "linked to the Christian right and Jan. 6 rioters." It already has been in some whacko prog circles. 

Does Nancy Pelosi know a "MAGA battle flag" was flown outside San Francisco City Hall?

Can somebody ask Pelosi why her city was flying a MAGA battle flag?

All this is proof that the only thing faster than the speed of light is the swiftness of how a narrative can go from the Dem drawing board to media circulation. 


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