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Former CNN Correspondent Horrified to Find Herself in the Company of *Shudder* TRUMP Supporters (Thread)

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As much as people on the political left like to try to prune their social media presence so that they never have to interact with anyone who differs from them in opinion in any substantial way, the sad truth is that a person simply cannot live his or her entire life online. No matter what happens you are, from time to time, forced to venture forth into the cold scary world far from your carefully cultivated walled online garden and in doing so you risk coming face to face with that which you had so dreaded all this time: People who disagree with you. The horror! The humanity! 


Such a tragedy occurred for poor Michille Kosinski, formerly a Senior Diplomatic Correspondent for CNN, when she encountered people with Conservative beliefs (and maybe even crypto-MAGA's!) at a dinner party, which she took to the digital pages of Twitter to breathlessly recount. When one is faced with something this traumatic it's important to get it off of your chest immediately before it festers and turns into a pathological mental issue, right?

We start off with the base assumption she had going in that anyone who's well-educated must be an ideological fellow traveler, which is always hilarious. Progressives tend to think they're the only smart people in the room and are shocked whenever they encounter anyone with all of the credentials and outward signs of intelligence who hasn't come to the same ideological conclusions as they have. It's really funny.


Imagine that: Having seen firsthand what an ivy league education is like, and now likely having worked with many people who had saved a fortune by going to a state school but had somehow come out of it just as competent as they themselves were, they made a value judgement that maybe the Ivies aren't all they're cracked up to be. Can you believe it? Taking on new information and changing your outlook based on it? Liberals would never.

They always assume that the only people who have any questions about the validity of theories around anthropogenic climate change are some sort of neanderthal types

She claims that others came armed with 'actual facts' but doesn't provide any of them, so our money is on her or one of her friends got red in the face and started to shriek like a banshee 'I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU SAID THAT' and the other people at the table got embarrassed for her and tried to politely change the subject. That's just our guess though.


You know she's an Intellectual because she called them MAGAts, that's what sane people do.

Something about this post isn't healthy but it isn't the way the other people at the party acted, that's for sure. We hate to break it to her but the other people at that table likely were very normal, it's Michelle Kosinski who comes off as the kook in this encounter.

She said, by way of wrapping up her harrowing tale of accidentally encountering people who didn't agree with her in all particulars and trying to smear them as some sort of cabal of dupes and secret morons.


But it's so comfortable in her bubble! Mark Hamill lives in this bubble! It's great!

Surely everyone clapped at some great point Michelle made, right?

It's fascinating that Kosinski saw this whole thing written out and still believes herself to be the good guy in this whole scenario.

Sometimes you find people who are actually satirical characters... they just don't know it. Michellle Kosinski seems to be one such person.


Not to mention why journalists continue to be flummoxed by the fact, yes. They live in a bubble so thick and impenetrable that anyone having valid criticism of them or their preferred political ideology or candidate seems entirely unthinkable. It's really something.

We hope that Michelle Kosinski's therapist has an opening on his calendar soon, after that horrible dinner where she found out that every person who disagrees with her aren't all poor unsuccessful non-credentialled idiots she'll likely be needing some intense therapy to deal with the implications of this revelation. Not that she's likely to learn anything from it, we can't expect miracles.


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