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Having Solved Crime in Seattle, the Seattle Police Department Turns Its Attention to the Middle East


As you may know things have been tense in the Middle East, to put it mildly. With the war between Israel and Hamas continuing to drag on Iran decided over the past weekend to get involved in the conflict personally, launching a barrage of drones and missiles towards Israel in coordination with Iranian front groups in various of the neighboring countries. To say that things were tense would be an extreme understatement, and all eyes were on the entire spectacle wondering what would happen next.


In times like these you hope that the authorities are staying abreast of the situation, of course, but when we say 'the authorities' what we usually mean is the US State Department and Intelligence Services and such... what nobody ever means is they hope the local PD is spending time 'closely monitoring' the situation on the other side of the globe. But the Seattle PD, having apparently solved crime in the greater Seattle area, has been left with enough time on its hands to keep an eye on things in the Levant as well, it seems. 

Now before you tell us 'Ackshually...' we know that they're concerned with local reactions to the events in the Middle East... as well they should be. Seattle has a history of its citizens getting up in arms about stuff and rioting or declaring chunks of the city to be 'Autonomous Zones' or whatever so they really should be vigilant for supporters of Hamas or Iran trying to start something in the Emerald City. But the way the SPD chose to frame their 'vigilance' in the tweet has people talking. Plus, you know, given that the Seattle City Council issued a resolution demanding a cease fire in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict maybe the SPD is serious and they're thinking about sending their officers over to offer support to Hamas or Iran.


It's like Red Dawn on the streets of Seattle but the police are too blind to see it!

You'll think of one eventually I'm sure.

Just about everyone has the same question though



Yes, yes it is.

Again, we'd honestly be more willing to give the Seattle PD the benefit of the doubt here if the city and the majority of the people who live in the city didn't keep making fools of themselves on matters like this. But who knows, maybe the SPD has some outside-the-box ideas that will bring all of this trouble in the Middle East to a peaceful end that's acceptable to all parties. Maybe they could use the Nobel Peace Prize money they'd win to hire a few more cops to walk the beat and clean the city up.

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