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Jamaal Bowman Tells Jewish People the True Meaning of What It Means to Be a Jew for Some Reason


Now that he's secured a nice easy misdemeanor plea deal to get himself out of his legal issues to do with fire alarm related hijinks, New York Representative Jamaal Bowman seems to have decided that he can surface from the political swamp once more. What topic has Rep. Bowman chosen to address? Why, he's here to tell Jewish people that they're Jewishing wrong if they don't agree with him on a ceasefire between the Israeli's and the Palestinians, of course!


It's unclear what exactly Bowman feels qualifies him to define 'what it actually means to be Jewish' here, but he's going with that apparently.

In fairness that's all Bowman has in the 'ol quive since his antics have pretty well established that he's not exactly the brightest bulb in the pack.


Oh yes, this would have gone over just great with Jamaal Bowman and his friends on The Squad, they would have embraced the message with open arms we're sure.

Gentilesplaining needs to be used more, this is great.

As always it's mindboggling that Jamaal Bowman has the temerity to lecture anyone on... well, on anything really. Just because the people of New York's 16th Congressional District have the poor electoral sense to be sending this guy to Washington to represent them doesn't mean that he has anything worth saying to the rest of us. But who knows, maybe Bowman is planning to convert to Judaism and this is his way of letting everyone know? Even then though, with takes like this we can't imagine that he'd be welcomed with open arms by the greater Jewish community.



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