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Boston University Prof says Kendi guilty of 'employment violence' for laying off staff


Things seem to be going very poorly for self-described 'anti-racist activist' Ibram X. Kendi these days. First, his 'anti-racism center' at Boston University was forced to lay off a huge chunk of its staff, as earlier reported by Chad Felix Greene ('Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy': Ibram Kendi’s antiracism center is CRASHING – Twitchy)


Now employees of Boston University are accusing Kendi and the Center for Antiracism of 'employment violence and trauma' for laying some of the staff off.

Far be it from us to argue with the letter's suggestion that colleges and institutions' pretense of caring about these things is 'theatre, therapy, and marketing masquerading as institutional commitment'. It's been clear to many from the outset that most of these industrial and academic efforts have been empty gestures meant to appease a very extreme minority of grifters and grievance addicts, as well as their vocal followers. 

But there's no small amount of schadenfreude in watching Kendi, who's made his entire name based on accusing people and institutions of all sorts of inherent race crimes and aggressions, being hoisted by his own petard.


Watching the back-and-forth on this one should be a lot of fun as it progresses, so now might be a good time to start laying in a healthy supply of popcorn. 


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