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OMG! Harry Sisson Catches Donald Trump FREEZING UP in the Middle of a Rally

AP Photo/Marta Lavandier

Straight white male Harry Sisson, who most certainly is not paid by the DNC to post on social media in the name of Gen Z, is reposting a video by Acyn, who's Aaron Rupar's apprentice when it comes to posting videos out of context. It's funny, because just a couple of days ago, we reported on how Sisson had posted a video and at least two tweets asking where Donald Trump was hiding since the debate. 


First, President Joe Biden is obligated to do as many public appearances as possible to assure people he's not senile after the performance he gave at the CNN presidential debate. And some of those public appearances were scripted phone calls to "Morning Joe" and black radio stations who'd been given questions to ask in advance.

But anyone paying attention knows that Trump is out campaigning, in front of much larger audiences than Biden. Trump held a rally in Doral, Florida Tuesday night and will hold a rally in Butler, Pennsylvania on Saturday.

About that Florida rally … Acyn caught Trump on video freezing up for 10 seconds, which led to an OMG! from Sisson.


We don't feel sorry for him at all. He chose this line of work and cashes the checks from his agency.

It is kind of adorable that he's trying his best to convince us that Trump is mentally unfit to be president. We wonder why?


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