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Conservatives Are Imagining New Pride Flags to Be Outraged About


As Twitchy recently reported, NASA Ames and the Department of Education posted that they had raised the Intersex Progress Pride Flag. That's the one that includes a circle to represent intersex people, most of whom we'll bet don't want to be associated with the LGBTQ movement.


LGBTQ Nation reports that some evil conservative accounts on X posted what they called the new pride flag. "Right-wingers freak out over new Pride flag that almost no one recognizes," they write.

Daniel Villarreal writes:

Chaya Raichik, who goes by Libs Of TikTok on social media, has discovered a “new more inclusive pride flag” to get outraged over — the only issue: Almost nobody in the LGBTQ+ community actually recognizes or flies the flag.

In an X post just before the start of Pride month, Raichik posted an image of the flag, writing, “I go offline for 2 days and there’s apparently a new more inclusive pride flag. Thoughts?”

"Thoughts?" That hardly sounds like a freak-out. It was enough, though, for ace fact-checkers Snopes to look into it and declare that the new flag was "one person's self-designed flag uploaded to Wikimedia Commons."

What's best, though, is the creator's explanation of the flag:

The multi-colored chevron has the colors of the trans flag. 

White represents people transitioning, gender-neutral people, gender non-conforming, and non-binary people, pink represents femininity and blue represents masculinity. 

Brown and black stripes [...] represent both people of color, [and] those who are living with HIV and AIDS. 

The purple circle is surrounded by one yellow circle on its outer side and one on its inner side representing the intersex community. It wraps around the chevron showing that intersex people can be of any gender, race, sexuality, or any other identity. 

The circle is unbroken and unornamented, symbolizing wholeness and completeness, and the potentialities of intersex people. Colors purple and yellow are used since none of them can be representative, in the traditional sense, of the gender binary. 

The red umbrella has an eight-part canopy two of which are completely covered by chevron, while the two parts are located directly opposite of the completely covered ones that are not colored red. 

The umbrella itself represents sex workers and is also in place to represent those activists who were or still are sex workers. 

The pink triangle represents those of the LGBTIQ+ community who were lost throughout history due to hate crimes, anti-LGBTIQ+ laws, and the plethora of other anti-LGBTIQ+ activities, including the Shoah.


So both Wikipedia and the LGBTQ community are carefully policing the appearance of the progress pride flag. Wikipedia notes that "A flag of this type should not be added to any articles or pages unless it is officially proposed by a government agency, covered by the media, or sees notable local use." The circle to denote intersex people is cool … in fact, no pride flag is complete without it. And we've seen the red umbrella before to represent sex workers, but apparently that didn't get approved by the LGBTQ community flag police.

We thought they jumped the shark when they added the black and brown stripes to represent marginalized people of color.

Exactly. Who in fact approves the continual changes to the flag? The funny thing is the guy who created the "new" one did so sincerely … he wasn't make a joke about how ridiculous the flag has become.


No, NASA's up-to-date. It was the White House that flew the wrong flag during Pride Month last year. They left out the intersex people.

That's the truth. 

And it's not like there's some liberal outrage over the Appeal to Heaven flag … so much so that they're demanding Justice Samuel Alito resign from the Supreme Court for flying it last summer over his beach house.




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