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Guardian: Disillusioned Muslims Asking Themselves If They Belong in Europe and UK

AP Photo/Kin Cheung

I've written a lot about Muslims in Europe and the United Kingdom. Europe had a wide-open southern border before the Biden administration came along. My latest batch was inspired by the murder of a German police officer who was killed policing an "anti-Islamic" rally by an Afghan immigrant with a knife who also injured five other people. Maybe Europeans wouldn't be so wary of Muslims if they weren't so stabby.

I saw this going around recently, and it didn't surprise me, but I wondered what the source was. It turns out this headline, subhead, and photo come from a 2016 piece in The Express.

This particular class was going on in Norway. As I said, I wasn't surprised, as I'd just seen a video of a German woman explaining the intricacies of condoms to migrants.

I think it reminds me of New Year's Eve in 2015, when dozens of women were sexually assaulted in Cologne, Germany, allegedly by men of “Arab or North African” descent. ARD, a consortium of public TV and radio stations, attempted to address that problem by publishing an illustrated guide showing Germany’s new immigrant population how to treat German women with respect.

Humza Yousaf, the former first minister of Scotland who presided over the hate speech law, under which people who criticize migrants can be prosecuted and imprisoned. Scotland's new hate speech hotline was overwhelmed with calls, most of them reporting Yousaf for his famous 2020 speech in which he declared there were too many white people in positions of power in Scotland.

Yousaf has an opinion piece in The Guardian about how disillusioned Muslims are asking themselves if they belong in Europe and the U.K.

Ah yes, the rising tide of far-right populism. What could be behind it but hatred of Muslims? 

"I was the first Muslim leader of a western democracy. And I say Islamophobia has poisoned our politics," he writes.

In 2024, almost half the world’s population will take part in elections. Many countries have already gone to the polls, and in a number of countries, particularly across Europe, the biggest gains have been made by those who make a living out of vilifying Muslims.

I am, proudly, a western Muslim. I had the great honour and privilege of being the first Muslim leader of any western democracy, and yet it is increasingly difficult to persuade fellow Muslims that Europe does not have a problem with our very existence.

In the UK, the scale of a Labour victory is likely to be the story of the day, but it is also expected that Nigel Farage’s Reform UK will make significant gains. A recent YouGov Poll put Reform one point ahead of the Conservatives.

Farage – who, during this campaign, has said that Muslims do not share British values – has a history of making Islamophobic remarks. In 2015, he said that people had fears of Muslims as a “fifth column”; in 2013, he suggested Muslim migrants were “coming here to take us over”. Farage has failed to get elected seven times and yet, despite this and regardless of the fact that he has made a living out of fanning the flames of religious and racial tension, the British media appears obsessed with platforming him.

You were the first Muslim leader of any Western democracy for about 15 minutes.

What has driven millions of Muslims to immigrate to Europe, anyway? Are they seeking asylum? From what? Are they being persecuted in their Muslim countries?

When hundreds of thousands of people march in the streets of London to support Hamas, that's not Islamophobia at work.

Here's his speech complaining about how all the people in power in Scotland were white, which is why he got tattled on to the hate speech hotline.

What did they expect immigrating to Europe? Sharia law? Women in burquas?

I'm sorry Muslim immigrants are feeling so disillusioned. I'm not sure what they expected Norway to be like, exactly.




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