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Rescue of Hostages From Hamas Called 'An Actual Trolley Problem'

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When this was posted, PBS NewsHour was reporting that "a health official said" 94 dead Palestinians were brought to the hospital after the IDF's mission that rescued four Israeli hostages who'd been held captive for 246 days.

Only 94? I think the last number of dead Palestinians I saw was something like 247 … according to the Gazan Health Ministry. I did a post on all of the people crying about the "acceptable ratio" of Palestinians to hostages. Israel (allegedly) killed almost 250 Palestinians to rescue only four hostages, who I'm told were well-fed and cared for. The hostages even gained weight:

Yeah, that was big of Hamas to feed the people they'd taken captive for more than eight months.

Matt Bruenig called it "an actual trolley problem." You know, the one where people are tied to the tracks and you have to decide whether or not to pull the handle to reroute the train. It's like when the pro-abortion crowd asks if there were a fire, would you save one baby or a hundred IVF embryos?

It's not, though.


They're taught from primary school how great it is to be martyred as long as you kill at least one Jew.

Exactly. The 240+ people on the track are free to get up and move. Maybe a few of them could then untie the hostages.

There was a news analysis but what looks like the New York Times about "Israel's euphoria" being short-lived.

It shouldn't succeed. No, it wasn't a "horrible, awful, tragic day." There should be a celebration. Hostages were reunited with their families. Hamas could release the remaining hostages at any time and solve the alleged trolley problem.



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