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Daily Beast: Trump Can’t Carry a Gun but May Regain the Nuclear Codes

AP Photo/Julia Nikhinson

Last week we told you about the New York Times' White House correspondent asking, "What would it mean to have a criminal president?" After all, if the president is an outlaw, "it's hard to imagine what institutional deterrents could discourage abuses."


Back in 2017, Don Lemon asked, "Is he a threat to national security, the president?" Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper replied, "I worry about him with the nuclear codes." And back when the FBI raided Joe Biden's house looking for classified documents … oh, wait, it was Mar-a-Lago that got raided by the FBI … many on Twitter expressed their concerns that Trump might not only have classified information about nukes, but the nuclear codes.

"Please tell me Biden changed them." Um, they change all the time. They're not written down on a piece of paper and given to the president to pass on to the next president.

The Daily Beast wondered: if Trump is a felon and can't legally carry a gun, what about him having the nuclear codes again? What if he turns into Rep. Eric Swalwell and threatens to use them on American citizens?

And there's no concern at all that Joe Biden has the nuclear codes right now and is fighting a proxy war with Russia?


No worries about this guy having the nuclear codes:

We weren't talking about World War III during Trump's term. Meanwhile, Biden has just authorized the Ukrainian use of U.S. military equipment for strikes directly inside Russia.

We'll trust the Secret Service to handle the guns.


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