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Report: San Diego Sector Has Taken in More Than 30,000 Chinese Nationals Since October

AP Photo/Alex Brandon

As we reported Monday, "Republican" Ana Navarro tore into Latinos who support Donald Trump for president, saying they're doing so to pass as more American. Their views on immigration are "very stupid," she added. We don't know why legal immigrants with the right to vote would vote for an open border — the migrant crisis affects their cities too.


This editor pointed out that Navarro doesn't seem to have a handle of who exactly is coming across our border. People are flying to Mexico from around the globe so they can walk over the border and claim asylum. They didn't walk here from India.

Fox News' Bill Melugin says that the San Diego sector alone has taken in 30,000 Chinese nationals since October 1.

8,900+ India

7,800+ Turkey

2,900+ Uzbekistan 

4,400+ Mauritania 

3,000+ Vietnam 

5,600+ Guinea 

30,000+ Chinese crossing illegally in San Diego sector since 10/1 is unprecedented.

It’s an 8,600% increase over all of fiscal year 2021, when just 342 Chinese nationals crossed illegally - across the entire southern border.

There is now an orchestrated, well-organized cartel smuggling operation of Chinese into Southern California, and it appears there has essentially been zero effort to stop it.


Why use spy balloons when you can just import tens of thousands of military-age Chinese men who stand at military parade pose as the Border Patrol processes them?


Where are all of these "new Americans" staying? Who's hosting them? Is Gov. Gavin Newsom paying for their hotels?


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